Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Fair Days"

I ♥ the County Fair!

My little girls were nine years old
when they learned how to sew.
4-H Summer Sewing Camp
Is where they all could go
To learn to make some lovely things
and put them in the Fair;
Earn a little extra cash for
Prize-winning wares.
Now with confidence in their skills,
I love when I hear them say,
"Hmmmm, I think I'd like
to make something today."

Prize-winning projects!

  Things to use...
Nicole and her Modern Millie Lap Quilt

This says it all:
"Celebrate, Dream, Create, Discover, Live, Laugh, Love"

 ...to decorate...

Chelsea and her Modern Millie Lap Throw and matching Ottoman Pouf!

 ...or to wear!
Lauren's quilted vest
(3rd place: Quilted Garments at the Home Machine Quilt Show 2011)

My cooking, sewing and quilting stuff:  Sweepstakes on the Huckleberry Jam, Judges Choice on the Chicklets

When did you learn to sew/quilt, and who taught you?
Would you like to learn??
Check my free online tutorials HERE and HERE to get started,
Or drop by the studio for "Quilt School" on Tuesday afternoons!

Happy Quilting!



  1. Love to see skills passed on. I learnt from my mom, and got my daughter started too.

  2. Just spreading the joy!! Quilting is so (sew) much more than just making a quilt. Sharing the love.


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