Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fast, Fabulous Flying Geese!

Another Terrific Tuesday Tutorial today...

A "Gaggle" of Geese...  Let's get flying!
Join me over at Cutting Corners College as we explore several fun ways to sew Flying Geese units: one at a time from squares and rectangles; four at a time with no waste; leftover blocks; even a dimensional goose!  I love to make Flying Geese without having to cut little triangles...
Cutting Corners with Riley Blake Designs
Click the button above ↑ for a high-flying adventure!
If you already ♥ making flying geese and need a little challenge, try my free tutorial "FOOTSTEPS to Successful Paper-Piecing" Tutorial to stitch a Circle of Geese... 
Now we're really flying!
Piece by Number's CIRCLE of GEESE

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  1. love flying geese, and will definitely try this Circle. Helped my daughter many years ago with her first quilted piece - a table runner with a line of geese going north along the length, and anoter going south along the length, which she calls "geese coming and going" to denote her trips to and fro between South Africa and London, where she now lives.


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