Monday, August 1, 2011

"Wantobe" a Quilter!?!

Hello, friends and followers, I would love to welcome you the "Wantobe Quilter Campaign!!  Beginning TODAY, (Aug 1st, 2011) Madame Samm of "Sew We Quilt" at Stash Manicure will be giving away some marvelous quilting supplies FIVE x A WEEK for 12 WEEKS!

This campaign is not limited to NEW quilters only; everyone is eligible! 

1)  New Quilter -  Someone who wants to be a quilter but doesn't have much in the way of equipment or supplies.  You can win prizes that will have you quilting before you know it... everything you could imagine to assist you in becoming a NEW Quilter!  Drawings will be held M/W/F for the Newbies each week through October 29th!!

2)  "Old" Quilters - (haha, that's me, all right!) - Someone who has been quilting for awhile, but would love to win some great prizes to add to their stash.  Even if you are part of the quilting community already, you can win too!  Drawings for us quilting geezers will be T/TH (for TWELVE WEEKS!! - that's a lotta prizes, honey!)

This is a HUGE campaign, with 52 sponsors supplying the LATEST, GREATEST, & BEST things like notions, thread, rotary cutting equipment (mats, rulers, blades), sewing baskets, books, magazines, patterns, irons, fabric, sewing machines (!) and MORE!!!  Things only a quilter will love and appreciate and will assist you in becoming a quilter. I know you WANTOBE.

Read Madame Samm's Story HERE.  She's spreading her Joy of Quilting!

Here's what TO DO:
1)  Both groups of quilters register in the same way - Send your name, e-mail address and telephone number to a quilting blogger (pick me! who has the Wanttobe Quilter Campaign button on their blog, like the one here:

2)  Become a follower of that blog (right there, upper right-hand corner below the orange button... click on it, yes, that's right!)
3)  Follow Stash Manicure here:

4)  Tune in and read the daily guest post** on Stash Manicure;
   a) Write a comment M-W-F for Newbies, T-Th for Oldies
   b) Mention my name in your comment to be eligible to win, and I'll also be eligible to win if you win!!
   c) If you don't comment, you don't get entered for that day's drawing.

(mmmmmmm, I hear Nancy Zieman will be popping over for a guest post, ohhhh and Eleanor Burns, too I hear....and just the other day I heard from Alex Anderson, she too will be joining us and I think some guy name Ty, .......oh, I think that is enough excitement for today....Ü)

Shipping will be the responsibility of the winners.
So, let's have some fun, share the ♥ of quilting, and maybe win a couple of prizes along the way!! :) 


  1. You won yesterday ....congrats the fat quarter bundle which is much more than shown as well as pattern and we need to talk these hens. chicks, roosters.????
    guest post

  2. Whaat?? I ♥ Madame Samm!!! Sew, Sew excited! By October, it will be "Bats"...


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