Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Put a bird on it?

It usually takes me twenty minutes to get the joke. 

No, I'm not blonde.

Some of my best friends are blondes.  I think being blonde is a state of mind, no matter your hair color.  But there's blonde, and then there's BLONDE.
"Deonn & the Blondes" circa 1995

Back during my "Deonn & the Blondes" days, I loved it when people would come up after a show and ask, "Which one of you is Deonn?"  I'd say, with a straight face, "Um, that would be me."  (Hilarious! Could you be more blonde?) 

 Part of our routine would be to tell a bunch of blonde jokes.  Here's my fave:

Gail (a "natural" blonde):  I'm so tired of people picking on me.  I'm just as smart as anyone, and I'll prove it!  I can name the capital of any state in the USA.  Try me.
Me:  OK, Gail, but we don't want you to hurt yourself!  How about... Wyoming?
Gail:  Hmmm, ...uhm..., Oh, I know!  "W"!
Then we'd all *palm/forehead* during the laughter.  Then she'd say,
Gail:  I'll bet you thought I was going to say "Y"!  And she'd burst out laughing. 
Get it?  Y-oming?

OK, I'm wiping my tears from laughter. 

Now to the point.  My "blondeness" is such that it takes me a while to catch on.  But I still get it, maybe five minutes later, maybe the next day, maybe the next decade.

One thing I am catching on to is the use of BIRDS in quilts.  A hundred years ago, birds were popular in quilts.  Just ask Sandra Starley, quilt appraisor extraordinaire!

from an 1850 "Rose of Sharon" quilt
Ten years ago, chickens were everywhere.   I love chickens.  Every year, my seven sisters and I have a Hen Party.  Here are some of my chicken quilts:

Hen Party Chicks in the Coop

Hen Party Chicks in the Barnyard
Hen Party Chick
Hen Party Chicklets... For patterns click → HERE ←
A few years back, owls started to make an appearance.  So, true to form, I may be a few years late, but I'm working on my appreciation for owls right now.  
Hoo-Ville Chick

"Hooterville" quilted for a client.  More pics HERE

Such a cute pincushion, hate to stick him with a pin!

Owlet coin purse, 3" x 3-1/2"

Won some Yummy fabric from Shari at Doohikey Designs!!  

Look,"Hoos" in the Forest!! 
Lately, "PUT A BIRD ON IT" is a catch phrase.

So maybe next year, after the trend is over, I'll figure out what "PUT A BIRD ON IT" actually means, then I'll start working on more quilts with birds on them...

Isn't that "tweet"?
What is your favorite feathered fowl - and where do you put them??



  1. Unless the pattern called for it, I haven't "put a bird on it". My grandsons quilt used owl fabric and the pattern i chose had an applique owl on it, and I did a small wall hanging with a bird on it but that's really it.

    I have chicken and flamingo fabrics but haven't done anything with them yet.

  2. FLAMINGOs, hadn't thought about those... there's something about them that just make you smile!

  3. A little birdie pointed me to this post. Didn't know I'd been on your blog. I've been putting birds on all my quilts lately, last 3 all have appliqued birds or bird fabric. Glad to know I'm so trendy. That video was too funny and then creepy! See you in Heber.


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