Monday, September 12, 2011


If life is all about the "journey" and not the destination, then why is it that everything seems to be counting up or down to something?  Here are a few MISSION: POSSIBLE Countdowns I've got going right now...

Countdown for Holiday Sewing:
Personal Mission: Be ready for Christmas.
Countdown: How many days until Christmas 2011?

A countdown for my daughter, Lauren:
Sister Stott and Sister Mano learn Japanese in prep for their church missions to Japan
Counting the days until she leaves:  16.  Months until her return:  15 or so.

A countdown for my son, Jordan:
Corporal Stott in Afghanistan on Route Clearance missions
Countdown until his return home: I don't really know! 

 Countdown for Singing:
Personal mission:   Keep singing so I don't get old.  Or fat.
T-Choir auditions ~ Passed phase I, Countdown to Phase II: 12 days,
Phase III: 30 days, Phase IV: 112 days,
Phase V: (lifelong dream) ...we'll see if I pass Phase II.

Countdown for Quilting: 
Riley Blake Designs "Cutting Corners College"
"Grow Your Quilt" Tutorial: TOMORROW!!!

Countdown to a Season of Teaching Quilt Classes:
Beginning in 2 Days!

Countdown to a Ghastlie Hallowe'en with Madame Samm:  42 Days

You can probably tell that it's going to be busy around here, but funny enough, it's the quilting that keeps me sane...   10...9...8...7...6...5...4......

Have you got a countdown going? 


  1. Hi Dionn,
    Here all this time I thought it was your husband that's deployed. God bless your son and keep him safe. Wow, and your daughter's going to Japan. How great.
    I do mission work in Haiti once or twice a year and do some of the disaster relief here in US. It will be a wonderful experience for her that she'll never forget.
    Will keep them both in my prayers.

  2. ps. I told Madamm Samm I REALLY hope we win today. That fabric in the Wantabee give away today was absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Hello Deonn - countdowns are certainly a part of everyday life, aren't they! And with your busy schedule you will certainly need a check-list for all of them to keep the one from running into the other. Best wishes for ALL of your current "countdowns" ....Margaret

  4. I've come over from Cutting Corners to comment on growing your quilt. I'd go for the lap quilt with setting blocks, sashing and 2 borders. A fantastic post with lots of food for thought.
    Google friend connect wasn't working today :-(

  5. Here from Riley Blake's blog. I really love the 60 x 60" Lap Quilt with Setting blocks, Sashing and 2 Borders. I also love your idea of using a flannel backed table cloth for a portable design wall!!

  6. Oh, and I am also not a follower of your blog :)

  7. Just saw your post on the Cutting Corners site. I think it was fabulous!

  8. I found you via the cutting corners blog. Good luck getting into the choir! Oh, and the setting I liked best was with the 9-patch blocks added with the hourglass blocks, no sashing, and one border.

  9. I found you from the Riley Blake site. I love the quilt with the blocks on point, darker green triangle squares and 3 borders. When I make a quilt I want it big enough to use on a bed. I pinned your blog.

  10. I discovered your though Riley Blake! Nice to meet you and thanks for the useful post about growing quilts. I like the squares en pointe with all the multiple sashings and borders. A fully grown quilt.

  11. Oops! Accidentally posted my idea for growing your quilt on the Riley Blake design blog instead of here, and don't see a way to delete! Anyway, I like the 63 x 63 size with hourglass setting blocks and stripe border. :)


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