Monday, July 2, 2012

Come Sail Away...

Isn't this the most adorable baby quilt?  Custom-quilted it for Marna - she makes the sweetest quilts for her grandbabies and great-grandbabies, just had to share! 

And here's that panel again, this time in a queen-sized quilt made last year by Heatherly.  I quilted tiny sailboats and ocean waves in the solid blue header.

Fabric:  Nautical and Nice by Sandy Gervais for Moda
Deep Blue Sea free pattern found HERE

It just says, "Summer" doesn't it?  Makes me want to head to the lake!  Hope you are having a wonderful summer!


  1. Both of these are absolutely wonderful - and the quilting is just a gorgeous accent to them.

  2. These are just so pretty! The quilting is so well done! Yup, feels like summer!

  3. Simply stunning both the quilts and the quilting.

  4. So cute! Your quilting looks fabulous.

  5. great quilts and so is the quilting.

  6. A darling quilt and really looks like "boy" to me. Your quilting is marvelous! As always, you excel in your creativity.

  7. Amazing! Those are both just gorgeous quilts. Wow.

    The baby quilt you spoke about it being Minky. Was that just on the back of the quilt or more?

    1. This one just has it on the back, though I have seen this fabric used in squares on the fronts of quilts, too. Because of the nature of the fur (nap, softness, stretchiness, slipperyness) it takes a bit of wrangling, basically pinning it to death, but it's manageable. I actually have better luck with Shannon Fabrics' Cuddlesoft. Less stretchy. When I pin it to quilt on my longarm, I always make sure the cut edges are at the top and bottom, with the selvage edges (lengthwise grain) at the sides. Then yeah... pin the heck out of it. :)


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