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Monday, July 30, 2012

Technical Difficulties....

Ever had one of those days?  It appears that the Cyberspace Gremlins struck my blog...  Ughghghgh!  So freaky.

We returned from vacation last weekend to the dreaded BLUE SCREEN of DEATH, but thanks to my daughters' super-geek totally awesome friend, the power source and video cards have been replaced and the computer was working great.  

For a few days, anyway.  GUGHGH!  It appears that all of my pictures uploaded on Blogger since last January have bitten the dust!  Now they've been replaced by the ominous


I didn't lose my digital pictures, it just appears that Blogger or Google+ or Picasa (or maybe my husband?!?) has deleted a file of my Quiltscapes photos - online only, not from my hard drive - and perhaps totally unrelated to the BLUE SCREEN of DEATH incident, but soooo frustrating nonetheless. 

I am working hard to re-do my tutorials, especially those hosted on others' sites, while I figure out a better, more permanent solution than being vulnerable to the whims of the world wide web. 

Meanwhile, if you notice a certain lesson or tutorial that you'd like to see that still has the BLACK PLAGUE, please comment to let me know, and I'll get it cleaned up for you right away.  Otherwise, it is going to take awhile to reload all my photos into my posts and pages from the past seven months... stay tuned!



  1. Oh NO! That is such a tragedy! That sounds like it will take such a long time to replace all of the photos in their rightful places. Ugh. Good luck.

  2. I feel your pain...as my laptop decided to join yours yesterday :o(...now to decide what to replace it with!!

  3. I`ve seen the dreaded blue screen a time or two as well. I had to replace pictures in Blogger once. It took a while. Walk away for a bit sometimes and go back to your pictures when you are refreshed. Good luck!

  4. Oh no! Good luck and my fingers are crossed for you to find all the pics that you need....what a mess to try and fix. Take care! Your tutorials are wonderful, so thank you for working to share them again!

  5. Computers - can't live without them but they drive you crazy!

  6. this happened to me too Deonn I found out is was because my files on flicker were hacked.....i lost a lot of photos over300. when i inquired. Someone wrote me back with nothing they could do....you are not the only one...blogger had thousands of complaints

  7. So glad your daughter's friend was able to fix your computer right away and that is terrible to lose all your blog photos!

  8. Deonn, So very sorry to hear about this. Hope things work out!

  9. So sorry to hear this. I have had the same problem with my last desk top twice and just told my DH to get it out of my office. Enough!. Hope you recover you photos...Judith, Texas


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