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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin

Remember this little beauty?  I call her Little Ruby.
Well, just look how she's blossomed and grown!!
She's traveled the world with Michele's Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin,
collecting friends (and little borders up to 2") along the way.  I just love it!
She hopped around the US to visit places like Georga, Montana, Illinois, North Carolina, and New York, where she apparently took a detour to Ontario, Canada! (giggles).   In between those adventures, she traveled "Down Under" and even "Across the Pond"!  She made new friends and visited some of my online friends that I may never get to visit myself:   Wendy, Kylie, Melinda, Pippa, Jane, Mdm Samm, and Bea.  Looks like she even picked up some "charming" little sewing machine charms on her visit to France (thanks, Pippa - sew cute)! 
And thank heaven for Bea, who snapped this picture so we all could see the finished product!  Little Ruby, all dressed up, is tucked away somewhere "special" in my new sewing room!  We moved shortly after she arrived, and who knows where she's hiding??  (Have you ever done that?)  Won't this be just adorable hanging on my Sewing Room Wall?   All I can say is a huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to Little Ruby's world tour.  And THANK YOU, Michele, for the tremendous task of organizing not just this little group, but three other groups as well.  Click the button on the sidebar for links to all 30+ participants
Visit our fearless leader  HERE ↓ to see more reveals and Linky party!
Now, off to organize that sewing room on the quest to find her again...

p.s.  Be sure to check back for another installment of "Snippets from my Sewing Room" Mondays, November/December!


  1. Its gorgeous Deonn. I love the red and black.

  2. This is so sweet! Love the way Little Ruby is framed with such creativity. A stunning little quilt!

  3. I love this one soooooooooooo much, the first block was gorgeous to start with

  4. adorable ....and yes sounds like it went a few surprising places wink..

  5. Really great. I do love it so. I would have liked to have added my own little bit to this one but sending on its little side journey so someone else special to you could add to it instead was even more fun. Thank you for playing.

  6. nice :-) hope you r feeling better.

  7. Love how it looks all completed! Hope you enjoy finishing it!

  8. That will be great on the sewing room wall

  9. Wow! It really came out beautiful!! Can see why you are so pleased.

  10. Wonderful additions to your "Little Ruby". Now you'll just have to find it. :)

  11. She looks awesome!!! She dressed up nicely!

  12. Your block is adorable. I love the red & black fabrics. May she proudly hang in your sewing room..

  13. I love, love, love it!! Red, black and white are my favorites and I love that little sewing machine block!!


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