Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Snippets ~ Deluxe Tape Measure

Here's another great little snippet* from my sewing room to yours...

60" Tape Measure
2 yards of 1/2" to 5/8" Ribbon  (sweet!)
1/2 yard 1/8" to 1/4" Ribbon for tie
(Helpful) Edge-Joining Foot for your sewing machine (with center guide)
Featuring The Simple Life designer grosgrain ribbon from Riley Blake Designs
Step 1:  Remove metal end brackets if possible.
Step 2:  If using an edge-joining foot, adjust needle position
to the left about 1/8" from the center guide.
Stitch ribbon to side of tape measure least often used.
If  brackets cannot be removed, simply fold the ribbon end under
at the edge of the metal bracket and begin top-stitching.

Stitch ribbon along both sides of the tape measure.

Step 3:  Trim ribbon even with tape measure,
then clamp metal end bracket back into place.
If bracket has not been removed, trim ribbon with a bit extra
to fold the edge under at the edge of the metal bracket; top stitch.
Step 4:  Center and stitch small ribbon to the end of the tape measure.
 Step 5:  Wind up tape measure, wrap around with the small ribbon and tie with a bow.
Just the perfect addition to your sewing kit, or as a quick gift for a friend!
Next week's snippet:  UFO to Go!

*SNIPPETS: Simple projects from my Sewing Room; Gift ideas and Tutorials for hand-made doo-dads
using a few scraps and notions.


  1. Deonn - so fab!!!

  2. What a clever idea! Quick, easy, and oh-so-pretty. :)

  3. Ok, I am soooooooooo loving this…this is an awesome idea for some christmas gifts…ok, now I have to get me some tape…thank you my sweet

  4. Ok, so I just tried this and my clamps won't go back on and stay on over the ribbon I sewed down. Any suggestions?


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