Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fabric Fest Blog Hop Winner!

Thank you to everyone for sharing your Summertime thoughts... It appears that everyone is going to have a busy, wonderfully creative Summer!!  And it seems that Hexagons and English Paper Piecing (EPP) are the favorite take-along project for summers on the road, by the pool, under the tree... more about that topic later.  Here's our winner:

Congratulations to MARGARET!! selected Comment #12
"My favorite quilty thing to do in the summer is try new blocks and patterns. That way when winter rolls around I can take my new found knowledge and make a quilt."

I've been singing one of my favorite children's songs all day as I quilt 
(Hit the PLAY ↑ button and you can sing along too!)

Of course, I changed the words...  
♫♪ you quilt by a stream or lazily dream on the bank as the clouds go by? ♪♫

Now back to quilting this morning - maybe some lazy dreaming later.