Monday, July 1, 2013

I see Hexagons....

...they're everywhere!
Bathroom floors...

A 5-ft sidewalk repair...

pavers on a trail which led to...

On a free day while on choir tour, I dragged along a few friends
and we took a little jaunt to the art district of downtown Indianapolis.
Yay! We found CRIMSON TATE, MODERN QUILTER!!  (Isn't THAT ↑ cute fabric!)  

Look what else I found!  PRECUT hexies!! Had to have it!  

And in exchange for allowing us to rifle through the button basket for our hexagami projects...

...I gave a little Hexagami mini-class to Lindsay and Heather.  

Heather Givans, shop proprietor.

Lovely, girls!  Darling shop! 

Heather was getting ready to teach this quilt at a quilt camp the following week.  
What cool, big ol' hexagons!
Amy Butler's Hexy Sexy Love Quilt >> FREE pattern HERE.

What a fun hexagonal afternoon - hexies, new friends and a gem of a quilt shop in Indianapolis, a gem of a city!  Hope I can come back again soon!


  1. Hi Deonn....ok, you all look like you are having wayyyy too much fun without me...I am on my way...wink...
    Love those hexies...YOU may just change my thoughts on these you know...

  2. How cool would it be as a shop proprietor to have YOU walk into the shop and give an on-site tutorial. You are the best.

  3. Hexy Sexy Love Quilt....gorgeous!!!


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