Friday, July 5, 2013

Hexie Hot Pad

 A pictoral tutorial:
 1)  Make a TEMPLATE with 10" Hexie Half Ruler, 7" Circle Ruler.


2)  Gather Supplies:
12" square Non-Fusible lightweight interfacing (Pellon 905)
12" square backing
10" square heat reflective batting (Thinsulate, Insulbright, etc.)
1 or 2 @ 10" squares cotton batting *
10" square focus fabric *

*Cut using Hexie-Half large ruler for 10" squares.
Fold the 10-inch square in half, and place the dotted seamline on the fold.

3) Backing:
Trace template on wrong side of fabric.  Layer right sides together with interfacing.

 Stitch on the outer drawn lines, pivoting at inner corners.

 Trim curves with pinking shears for a nice, notched smooth result.

 Clip inner corners.

 Snip Pellon

Turn right side out.


 Lay out backing, mylar batting, cotton batting, focus fabric.  Add an additional 2nd layer of batting below mylar, if desired.

 Pin; then stitch from point to point, quilting through all the layers.

(Followed a line of tape to keep line straight without marking.)

 Stitch from point to point.

Fold each curve over the raw edges and stitch along the curved edges to finish.  I used a blanket stitch.
Voila!  A Hot Hexie Hot Pad.

See this VIDEO for a terrific Grandmother's Flower Garden table-topper with matching hot pads, made using this technique.


  1. Deonn I've really enjoyed all of these tutorials. Watched the video, too! The projects are all on my to-do list. Thank you so much!

  2. Super cute Deonn. Thanks fo rantoerh great tutorial

  3. Thanks for sharing this lovely hexi hot pad tutorial.

  4. Hola¡¡¡Me encanto visitarte,el tutorial muy bien explicado.Te invito a visitar mi blog.Parches desde el atico.

  5. I love your hexi hot pad! I've wanted to try hexis but always seem to see them in English paper piecing. Not sure I could work that small and all hand stitching....but a large hexi machine stitched...yes!
    Thanks for the tut!

  6. I love that hot pad. How fun!!

  7. Ok i am so impressed, that is hot stuff lol

  8. Thanks for the great tutorial! ... :) Pat

  9. I had bought everything to make these potholders, but I'm sure glad to have your great tutorial to help me get to making them!

  10. This is too cute:) Thank you so much!


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