Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hexilicious - PJ Pillow

Continuing with Hexagon Week....

Today's Hexie cuteness is this adorable PJ Pillow!

Summer is the time for sleepovers in the back yard, camping, and trips to Grandma's house.  This pretty little pillow is the perfect size to stash pajamas...

... and the little purse pocket on the front is the perfect place to stow a note, a treat, or maybe some $$.  It brings to mind girl's camp as a kid.  We'd draw names for "Secret Sisters", leaving little notes, treats and gifts on each others' sleeping bags.  (Hey, that could work at a quilt retreat, too!)  And of course, the Tooth Fairy might like it as well!

I used the 10" Hexie Half ruler to cut two purse pieces, and from various prints, cut three half-hexies and six side pieces- three left, three right.  Backing: 3/8 yard, Jumbo rick-rack or other outer trim: 1-1/2 yards, Ruffled gros-grain ribbon or other bias trim for the handle: 1/4 yard. 

With right sides together, stitch the top end of the purse pieces together using a generous 1/4" seam. Press seam open, then fold in half along the seam, wrong sides together, and press again.  Align the raw edges and baste to the center half-hexie piece along the sides and bottom.  Lay out the pillow top pieces into rows, with the purse in the center.  Stitch each row together.  On the top row, stitch the ruffled ribbon to form a handle, aligning inside the center unit.  Stitch the rows together, careful not to catch the top edge of the purse in the seam.  Quilt the pillow top if desired, leaving the purse area unquilted.  You could embroider or applique' a name below the purse at this point.  Baste rick-rack, pom-poms, ruffles or other trim along each edge, if desired.  Here's a TUTORIAL with more options to finish a pillow.

From backing, cut two 13" x 15" rectangles.  Fold each in half, right side out, (13" x 8") and overlap the folds about 2" to 3" in the center.  Place pillow top right sides together over the backing pieces, trimming and adjusting the backing to align all the raw edges. Pin in place then stitch all around the pillow, overlapping the beginning and ending stitches.  Turn the pillow right side out through the backing flap, and press.  Stitch a small Hexagami flower (here's the TUTORIAL) to the front of the purse to embellish.  Fill with a 12" pillow form or your pajamas! Sweetness.

Tune in every day this week for more hexagon projects (featured in this VIDEO)!


  1. Still busy with my own 16000hexagonproject. But its nice to see other hexprojects

  2. Really pretty! Perfect gift for each of my 5 granddaughters! Gotta get the Hexie Half rulers.


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