Thursday, December 5, 2013


Getting into the spirit of the season.

Holiday treats... just when I'm starting to think about baking... Look! It's a Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange at Carol's! Mmmmm... Do you have a favorite recipe?  Click the picture to see some recipes and link your own.

Quilting:  Switching out the quilts/decorations/wall hangings from Fall to Holiday decor. Refining my newest Tree Skirt when I can sneak a minute.  Quilting for clients.
Rehearsals have been underway for several weeks now, preparing for this year's Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concerts.  Our guests will be Deborah Voigt and John Rhys-Davies.  (I practice my part while I'm quilting!)  Here is a little exerpt:

And look, they've done it again!  It's my favorite Piano Guys.

Gloria, in Excelsis Deo!


  1. Quilting and practicing singing...sounds like a fun combination! :O)

  2. Bet your sewing room sounds lovely. Thanks for sharing the beautiful holiday music.

  3. Oh my. These videos are just wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing them. I might just have to repost The Piano Guys too. I had never heard them before but now I am a fan.

  4. Nerd comment: the snowflakes are hexagons: that's how ice forms, due to shape and electrical properties of water molecules :) Great design inspirations drawn from nature too!


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