Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snippets ~ A Quilted Nametag

Day V of Snippets Week!

Today, we'll make a quilted nametag to wear at guild meetings or other quilty functions.  
Start with a tiny little quilt block about 3" to 5".    
This one is 5" wide, and I added a strip of trimmed down quarter-square triangles, leftover from this TUTORIAL.

If there isn't room on the block for your name, stitch a 1-1/2" strip of fabric to one side of the block.
Embroider, or write your name with a Pigma Pen on the strip.  Keep the seam allowances in mind.  Here are some examples.

If I'm embroidering, I like to add a square of flannel/muslin//stabilizer to the back so the stitches won't show.  In this case, I fused a bit of leftover fleece.  

Two strands of floss and a simple backstitch or stem stitch works great.

Once you've embroidered or written your name, cut a piece of batting and backing a little larger than your nametag block.

Finish Option I - Envelope Finish
  • Lay block right sides together with backing, then lay over a square of batting and pin.  
  • Stitch around block, leaving an opening for turning. 
  • Trim batting, clip corners.  
  • Turn the nametag right side out, and hand-stitch the opening closed.  
  • Quilt by hand or machine if desired.  
Finish Option II - Binding
  • Layer backing, batting and quilt top, then quilt by hand or machine.  Trim if necessary.
  • Cut a 2" x 22" binding strip, press in half, lengthwise.
  • Apply binding as you would a quilt, mitering the corners and mitering the final seam if possible, given the teeny space to work in!   Tutorial for a refresher HERE. Print-Friendly instructions HERE.
  • If you are machine-binding, apply the binding to the back of the nametag, then bring around to the front and edge stitch, or use a decorative machine-stitch to finish.  Video tutorial HERE
Attach the back of a safety pin to the back of your nametag with some whip stitches.

You have just made your very own personalized miniature quilt so you don't forget who you are at guild meeting... 
I can see it's time for a new lanyard, too!  Stay tuned for that pattern/paper-piecing tutorial coming soon!
Happy Quilting!


  1. This is a cuter than cute name tag! That's such a great fabric lending itself to some fun ideas for use. I came to see this post and wandered down and saw your cut and press board. Love them both!

  2. Thanks for this tut... great idea and great use of smaller fabric scraps.

  3. Great little tute!! Love all of your nametag collection!

  4. I have to make a name tag for my self at my quilt guild and saw this. This little name tag is so cute and will be making me one.


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