Friday, February 7, 2014

Snippets ~ Cut & Press Booklet

Day IV of Snippets Week.

Today's tutorial is for the Adorable, Portable, Popular Cut & Press Booklet.

But first...

Here's the MATH for my favorite method to make EIGHT blocks at the same time!!
(FS x 2) + 2.5" = Size block to cut
Double the desired Finished Size of your block, then add 2-1/2"  

So, I want the finished size of my quarter-square triangles to be 2" wide.  So, I double that number (4"), then add 2-1/2" to account for all the seam allowances (6-1/2").  Then I usually ALWAYS add 1/4" to 1/2" extra for a "fudge factor"... so I'll round it up to 7".  I keep these formulas handy in my little Quilter's Bible, just in case I can't remember the math.

CUT TWO 7" squares of contrasting colors/prints.
DRAW diagonal lines from point to point (in an X) on the reverse side of one of the squares.
;) yes, that is a RED mat!

STITCH using a scant 1/4" seam allowance on both sides of the drawn lines.
CUT apart horizontally and vertically (+), as well as on the diagonal lines (X).
Note:  Don't move the fabric until you've made all 4 cuts!
Yields 8 (eight!) Half-square triangles!  

PRESS toward the dark fabric.  Don't trim, yet.

Next, LAYER two HSTs  together, alternating prints. 

 DRAW a diagonal line from point to point, perpendicular to the seam. 

 STITCH using scant 1/4" seam allowance on both sides of drawn line.
CUT apart on the drawn line.  Yield:  8 Quarter-square triangles.

TRIM to 2-1/2" square.  I use a Triangle Square-Up ruler while still folded.
(p.s. This is why I add a little "fudge factor")

Do the "Magic Twist" to fan out the seams.  
No, it's not a dance step, but you may want to when you 
see this neat trick to reduce the bulk in the center seam!

PRESS.  CLIP off the little "dog ears". 

Stitch 5 of the Quarter-square triangle blocks together, alternating blocks to form a strip.  Stitch other 10" scraps and strips to the sides for a total width of 15-1/4".  Trim to 9-3/4" height.  Now we're ready to make our booklet!

CUT & PRESS Booklet
Cover:  9-3/4" x 15-1/4" for outer cover
     (or piece together blocks or strips and trim to this size)
Lining:  2  ~  8-1/4" x 9-3/4" rectangles
Fusible fleece:  9-3/4" x 15-1/4" rectangle
Ironing Board fabric:  7" x 9" rectangle

2  ~  7" x 9" x 1/4" plywood or MDF for covers
6" x 8" x 1/8" hardboard for ironing board
6" x 8" cutting mat
E6000 glue or other heavy duty glue

1)  FUSE the fleece to the wrong side of the front cover.

2)  On the lining pieces, PRESS under 1/4" where they will overlap  at the center.
3)  LAYER the 8-1/4" x 9-3/4" lining pieces right sides together over the cover.  Pin in place, overlapping the lining at the center.  STITCH using 1/4" seam allowance around the perimeter through all pieces.

4)  Clip corners and turn one side right side out.  INSERT one 7" x 9" board into the pocket.  Now turn the other side right side out. and insert the other board.  You may have to stretch the fabric a little, but you want a tight fit.

5)  With the lining side up, you should be able to pull the lining to the center.  STITCH down the center using a narrow foot or zipper foot. If the opening is too narrow, or you can't get the booklet in your machine, try hand-stitching, or use some of your super adhesive glue.

6)  GLUE the cutting mat to the right side of the folder.
7)  Wrap the 6" x 8" board with ironing board fabric.  GLUE to the left side of the folder.
8)  Close the folder and allow the glue to set.  Use strong rubber bands or strips of fabric to hold it closed until the glue cures.

Aw, cute!  And I used mine already to trim down these teensy blocks for tomorrow's little snippet!

Would you like a kit to make your own Cut & Press Booklet?  Contact Davidene (Davidene's Quilt Shop) to order yours!  Each kit comes with the pre-cut wood pieces, the mat, the fusible fleece and the ironing board fabric for $10 plus shipping.

My giveaway for the She Who Sews blog hop will also be announced tomorrow as I wrap up this week of Snippets...  See you then!

By the way, what's a Snippet??
noun plural noun: snippets   
. a small piece (of fabric) or brief extract.

    synonyms:piece, bit, scrap, fragment, particle, shred
***2. FREE tutorials by Deonn @ Quiltscapes for simple projects, gift ideas and hand-made doo-dads from and for the sewing room using a few scraps, pieces, bits, fragments, particles...
    synonyms:  A Snappy Case * Cardholder * Cut & Press BookletDeluxe Tape Measure *  Hen Party Chick Pincushion *  Laminate Bag *  Mary's Boot Pincushion * Needlenook * Rosebud Wristlet Pincushion * Scissor Pocket * Scraps * Sewing Kit * Tableside Pressing Pad * Tissue Cozy * UFO to Go (Portable Design Wall) * Zippered Pouch 


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