Saturday, April 19, 2014

Carpetbags are packed, I'm ready to go!

Heading to Paducah next week ~ yes, I get to make the trek to Quilt Mecca!  Paducah is home to the National Quilt Museum, and with vendors, classes, events, and a quilt show... well,  I'm just a little giddy.  Besides, my Soldier's Star quilt is on display in it's last AQS quilt week stop after being on the road for nearly a year, so I might as well go, right?  That's as good an excuse as any. :)

I'm getting all packed, and I'll be taking one or two CARPETBAGS with me - (sometimes referred to by my children as the "bottomless bag") - They're the perfect size tote for hauling lots of fun things I find on my adventure!  Plus, they're so... quilty!

My daughter Lauren and her friend Mandi stopped by last month to play in my newly set-up sweet sewing suite.  I told them they could rifle through my fabrics and make something - and they picked out some great kits to make their very own adorable carpetbags

Lauren especially loves her side panel

The other night, while teaching another carpetbag class, one of the ladies kept exclaiming, "I love this, I'm so happy!  I love this, it makes me so happy!  I love it!"  LOL, I think she loved it!   

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Downloadable pattern is available at my Craftsy Store HERE.
If you'd like a pre-cut KIT to make a cool crazy-patch Carpetbag of your own, click HERE.
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Paducah, here I come!  Will I see you there??


  1. Don't know if I'll see you, but I'll be there. :-)

  2. have a lovely time, hope to see a photo of you standing by your quilt. Looks a good place to rifle through both your girls cam up with lovely fabrics for their bags, wishing you a safe journey

  3. Lovely bags, and the girls look so happy with them too.

  4. I love my carpet bag! I really want to make another one. =)

  5. Lovely bags! And you daughter and her friend are adorable! They do look like twins ;). What fun!

  6. Oh my goodness! I LOVE these bags! Do you ever teach anywhere near Nebraska? I just started following your blog and will look back in on you for sure!


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