Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer is here! Plus a Sweet, Shirred Summer Dress Free tutorial!

It's a "Shirr" Thing...  Summer has arrived in all it's glory!

Remember Pre-shirred fabric on a roll?  How about the days of Sundresses and Tube Tops?  Yep.  I was a child of the 70's.  In today's Cutting Corners tutorial for Riley Blake Designs, shirring is definitely the cutest way to gather fabrics with elastic. 

Remember Pre-shirred fabric on a roll?  How about the days of Sundresses and Tube Tops?  Yep.  I was a child of the 70's. Now, let's make a Sweet little One-Seam Shirred Gingham Summer Sundress!

     * Gingham print with squares measuring 1/4", about a yard for a small child, up to 3 yards for an adult maxi dress.
     * Matching Thread
     * Elastic Thread
     * Elastic Lace or other ribbon for straps (optional)

Calculate size:    
     * Measure chest of the person for whom you are making this sundress, then double that measurement, plus 1" for the back seam.  That is the width measurement.
     * Measure from armpit to length of dress desired.  Add 1/2" for top hem plus 2-1/2" for bottom hem.  That is your length measurement.

1)   Serge or zig-zag to clean-finish the raw edges along the short sides.

2)  Finish top hem.  PRESS top edge under 1/2".  Tuck raw edges inside fold and press again.  Edge-stitch by machine to finish.
3)  Bottom Hem:  PRESS bottom edge under 1/2".  You will finish hem after the dress is fitted.

4)  Shirring:  Beginning 1/2" to 1 inch down from the top edge, stitch horizontal rows using elastic thread in the bobbin (see my
Shirring Tutorial HERE), as many rows as desired. Back-stitch at the beginning and ending; clip threads.

5)  Fold shirred fabric with right sides together.  Match print or plaid, then stitch the center back seam, using 1/2" seam allowance.  Lightly press the seam open.

6)  Using a steam setting on the iron, steam shirred areas to shrink down elastic.  Do this around the perimeter of the dress.  (LOVE, love this steam iron from Reliable!)

7)  Fit the dress.  Measure for shoulder straps, (optional) then cut two lengths of elastic lace ribbon.  Fold the ends under and stitch to the inside along the top line of stitches.

8) Turn up the hem in place; pin.  Hand- or machine-stitch to finish.   Oh, my goodness, so adorable!

 Oh, my goodness, so adorable!
On another blissful weekend to kick off Summer....
My honey and I took a fabulous trip to one of my favorite places of all time.  Just to have a picnic.  Not really, it was to celebrate my birthday.  It's one of those milestone birthdays!  I'm now the age of a speed limit.  We had a blast, and I can't wait to show you pictures of some fabulous places all in the search of the perfect picnic for a terrific upcoming blog hop.  Can you guess where I am??


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