Saturday, September 27, 2014

Plush Fur Binding

That nip in the air makes me want to grab a cozy, furry quilt!  

Have you sewn with Minky or Cuddle fabric?  It's a poly plush fur fabric that comes in varying lengths and designs of furry goodness that's hard to resist.  I've sewn with it a bit, and quilted it a lot.  The key is pin, pin, pin, and if you aren't sure it won't stretch or slide, pin some more!

My favorite product is Shannon Fabrics' Cuddlesoft.  It has a little stretch, but usually only cross-grain.  I pin it to my longarm frame with the selvages along the sides then I pin the cut edges at the top and bottom leaders with extra pins to control the stretch.  I love quilting on this stuff for a quilt backing - it really emphasizes the quilting and kids of all ages can hardly keep their hands off it's soft goodness!

Here are some tips for machine-stitching plush fur binding to a fuzzy creation.

Use a single layer for binding strips:  1-1/4" strips for a generous 1/4" finish.  Cut strips from the lengthwise grain - same direction as the selvage edge.  Join strips by overlapping short ends 1/4" using a zig-zag or mending/darning (serpentine) stitch.  On my BabyLock Melody, it is #18.  

If the fur is especially long, I'll sometimes zig-zag the quilt edges after trimming to control the bulk.

1)  Leave about an 8" tail and begin to stitch binding to the back of the quilt.  I use my quilter's 1/4" seam foot with the edge guide.  You may want to use a walking foot to be sure it doesn't stretch as you go.

2)  Stop a seam-allowance width from the edge, then backstitch a couple of stitches and remove from the machine; clip threads.

3)  Fold the binding back 45o to form the mitered corner...

4)  Fold the binding strip back down, and align the folded edge even with quilt edge, then align raw edges together.  Pin or clip to secure.

5)  Turn the quilt and begin stitching at the folded edge.  Continue sewing the binding in this manner, repeating the miters at each corner.  Stop about 8" from the beginning stitches.

6)  Overlap the beginning and ending tails and trim the ends so that one is just 1/4" longer than the other.  Join the seams with zig-zag or mending stitch for the final binding seam. then reposition the binding on the quilt and continue stitching, overlapping the beginning stitches.

6)  Next, Fold the binding to the front of the quilt.  It is not necessary to fold the binding edge under as it is polyester, and once the fur is brushed off, the edge will not unravel.   Form miters on the corners of the quilt front; pin to secure.

7)  Stitch the edge of binding to the front of the quilt, pivoting at the corners.  I really like the look of that serpentine stitch. Looks great on the back, too!

Keep a lint-roller, dustbuster, vaccuum, or garbage can  handy - the fur really flies!  After each cut, clean off your mat with a dry washcloth.  Shake out the quilt over a garbage can, or just take it outside and shake it off!

Happy Cuddling,

P.S.  For a wider binding, use 2" strips and 1/2" seam allowance.  These days, I join my minky strips together with a diagonal seam, then press open to reduce the bulk.  Luscious and lovely!


  1. You really are a binding guru! (insert peacock call here)

  2. and dont you make it look so easy....I too love shannon fabrics...

  3. Thank you for this! My son's absolute fav blanket's binding is looking quite worn and I wanted something soft to replace the old. This is perfect and your tute is wonderful!!

  4. I always fold it over like regular binding, but this would be so much less bulky. Thanks for showing this cute blanket with binding!

  5. I wrap the backing around to the front and use a decorative stitch . Of course I usually need to trim all side to be the same width, usually an inch.

  6. I love quilting with it, but have never tried binding. Thanks for the information.

  7. I can't believe I have never quilted it, yours looks beautiful and great tips for the binding!

  8. this certainly makes for a real cosy quilt with the furry backing

  9. When cutting this plush fabric or even terry cloth, I use painters tape and my older blade in the cutter. I cut right down the middle of the tape and the flying fur is much lessened. HIH

  10. I have quilted with it but never tried to bind with it - love it for binding now!! I'm going to have to give it a go! Thanks for the tutorial!!


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