Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Finding "Mo"Jo

A couple of months ago, I introduced you to "Mo", my new-to-me Gammill Classic longarm quilting machine with a computerized Statler Stitcher system.

Because I bought it used, it came pre-loaded with hundreds of designs.  My girls and girlfriends have made some great strides in getting to know this little gem of a machine.

Lauren wanted to make quilted ukulele cases.  (I know, cool!)  This is her ukulele, hand-made by her father-in-law - I think it is stunning!

She is making cases for her husband's and his brother's ukuleles too.

We quilted out 3 yards of fabric using Soft & Stable foam stabilizer for the batting:
Lolly's Flowers
Ry's Turtles:
  Parker's beach:

Chelsea used the same process and quilted a cute panel to some Soft & Stable for an adorable bag. We also disengaged the belts for a little freemotion doodling...
You can check out her finished bag at 3rDegreeBakery.

I love the fact that we can push a button and the machine does all the heavy labor!  Oh, this is fun!  It can really produce on those edge to edge designs.

My friend Debbie and her daughter knocked out the quilting on their RBD design challenge quilt for HMQS in a matter of a few hours.  I'm working on a schedule to rent out time on the machine.  More details later!

Here's the back!

This pretty quilt, along with a couple dozen more challenge quilts, mine included (see it HERE), were auctioned at the Home Machine Quilting Show in Salt Lake City earlier this month, raising nearly $7000 for this year's charity, Family Promise.

And we're finally whittling away at that stack of UFOs that have been waiting for the quilter (me) for the past ten years since I first bought Ol' Betsy!

Nicole's Star Medallion Quilt is coming along nicely!

Worked on a few charity quilts - this one will be donated to Quilts of Valor.

We're enjoying this machine, experimenting and getting to know Mo a little better.   Even my dear husband wants to try!

Meanwhile, Ol' Betsy is still going strong, as busy as ever on custom freemotion quilting for clients.  Yep, it's a quilted world around here!


  1. Oh wow, those edge to edge designs are so cute! I didn't realize that you could get designs like that. Now I'm thinking that my about to be finished quilt top needs those turtles! And the ukuleles are so impressive. Your daughter's is stunning! It's nice to know that artisans are still making instruments by hand. I'm so glad you showed them to us!

  2. So you have two longarms in your quilting zone? Sounds and Looks like loads of happy quilting happening in Utah where you are. I broke a small part on my quilting table so have to wait for the replacement part. The top can't be loaded on the rail without the part.

  3. what great creativity is going on with this new fab machine, no excuses now for not completing all those quils,

  4. I love my statler "Queenie". I love how it's always stitched "perfect" every time and I LOVE that I don't have to stand on my feet all day to do it!

  5. Your making us all jealous!

  6. It must be fun getting to know such a fabulous machine with family and friends. I love that turtle design.

  7. I love seeing what you're stitching...cute, cute turtles! Beautiful ukuleles, too!


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