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Monday, July 18, 2016

Little Birdie Pincushion Tutorial

Note:  This is a revised re-post of my original tutorial at Riley Blake Designs' Cutting Corners back in November of 2014.  As I continue to have requests for the tutorial which is no longer available at the previous link, I'm sharing it again here at Quiltscapes.   

This adorable little "Snippet" is perfect for your own sewing room or to make as a gift for friends.  A couple of scraps and a bit of stuffing or filler - that's all you need! 

Little Birdies
"Little Birdie" Pincushions

  •   Body:  2-1/2-inch x 5-inch rectangle (Print A)
  •   Head:  1-1/2-inch x 5-inch strip (Print B)
  •   Tail accent:  1-inch x 5-inch strip (B)
  •   Wings:  2-1/2-inch square (B) 
  •   Beak:  1-1/4-inch square (Yellow/Gold)
  •   Filler (poly fiberfill, wool roving, silica sand, rice, ground walnut shells, lavender, etc.
  •   Glue Stick 
Little Birdies

Prepare Beak:
FOLD 1-1/4" beak square in half; PRESS.  Bring folded corners to the center, forming a triangle (prairie point); PRESS again.  FOLD in half again to form a pointy little beak.  Set aside.

Little Birdies
Little Birdies

Stitch Wings:
FOLD the 2-1/2" square diagonally in half, right sides together and STITCH raw edges together using 1/4" seam allowance.  Backstitch at beginning and end.  

Little Birdies

CUT stitched triangle in half; trim corners, turn each wing right side out (use a chopstick); PRESS. 
Little Birdies

OR *cut two 2-1/2" squares for wings and fold just like the beak instead of stitching, cutting, turning, etc.  (Yes, I'm a lazy-girl sewist.  If there's an easier way...)

Bird Body:
ARRANGE wings along one edge of body as diagrammed, 1/2" from the outer edges, leaving about 1-1/2" of space between the wings.  Trim corners.  PIN or *GLUE in place. 

Little Birdies

LAYER 1-1/2” head strip right sides together over wings; PIN.  LAYER 1” tail strip right sides together along opposite side.  STITCH both to body using 1/4” seam allowance.  
PRESS seams open, then PRESS tail piece under 1/4" to form a crease for the final seam. 

Little Birdies

FOLD bird unit right sid in half, matching side seams; PIN.  
Finger press to find the center of head.  INSERT folded edge of beak about 1/4" down from the center fold line.  PIN or GLUE beak in place. 

Little Birdies

STITCH as diagrammed, enclosing beak, pivot at the corner and stitch the bottom seam.  Backstitch at beginning and ending.

Next we need to shape the little bird's body with this seam:

Little Birdie Pincushion

Box Corner:
With wrong side still out, flatten the unit by centering the bottom seam, forming triangle points.  On the corner opposite the beak, finger-press the seams open and PIN, matching the seams.   I find it's easier to create the triangle point if I insert my finger right into the corner to press the seams open.  Double-check to make sure the seams are lined up!  MARK a straight line along the edge of the seam allowance, about 3/4" from the tip as diagrammed below.  

Little Birdie

STITCH on the line (right next to the seam allowance edge) to form the little bird's body.  Tuck the beak section down inside the body section to make it easier to sew the box seam.

Little Birdie

TURN bird right side out.  
Little Birdie

FILL the bird head and only about HALF of the body with your choice of stuffing; about 2 Tablespoons of filler.  Don't stuff it too full or you won't have a tail!

Little Birdie

Next, Re-FOLD the raw edges at the bird's tail along the pressed lines.  Center the seam and PIN.  STITCH by hand or *edge-stitch by machine to close the opening.

Little Birdies

Hold the bird tail-side up so all the filler is out of the tail area.  Pack the filler down toward the beak and body as tightly as possible.  Use a mini *elastic band and wrap it around as many times as possible without breaking to cinch in the bird's body and form the tail.  Fan out the tail.

If you don't have a little tiny elastic band, you can double-thread a needle with matching thread or embroidery floss.  Take a running stitch all the way around the body center about 1/4" away from the stuffing, then gather to form the bird's body and tail.    Wrap the thread around several times and secure with a knot, then bury the threads.  

Little Birdie

For eyes, stitch buttons or seed beads, work a French knot or simply use *pins.  Lastly, give a little tug on the beak to straighten it out.

Store needles in the tail - and load your new pincushion with pins, if you can bear to poke him!  

See more ideas for your Little Birdie HERE.

Little Birdie

See how you can easily make a whole flock of Little Birdies with this TUTORIAL.

Happy Stitching!
*Lazy-girl shortcuts


  1. Simply adorable!! Hope to play with this pattern tomorrow!

  2. loving your little birds thanks Deonn for a very easy to follow tutorial, will have a go at these

  3. Adorable!!! I must make a bunch! Thank you for the tutorial, it is perfect!

  4. I have so enjoyed making these in the past. It is a great tutorial and easy pattern.

  5. Bellísimo ,gracias por el estupendo tutorial !!!!!!!!!!!!


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