Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Oh, Happy Day!

So happy to be kicking off a "Happy Day" Blog Tour today!
Happy Tulips quilt by Deonn Stott, 48" x 62"
featuring Happy Day fabric by Lori Whitlock for Riley Blake Designs

for Riley Blake Designs

OK, I think this line is adorable!  Butterflies, happy flowers, kites, sunshine, and happy thoughts.

 And, tulips!  I love tulips!

This was a fun little quilt to make; super-easy, super quick with super-sized tulips plus three of my favorite little quick tricks:

1)  Instant Blocks ~ Did you know you can make 8 HST units at the same time?!
Layer two squares right sides together,
Draw diagonal lines in an X from point to point,
Stitch 1/4-inch from the drawn lines on both sides,

Cut in half, then half again (+), then cut on the drawn diagonal lines (x).  Yield:  8 HSTs.

To calculate the size squares to cut, use this formula:
(Finished size + 1") x 2 
This formula gives me a little "fudge factor", and I trim the units to size.

2)  Quick  Corner Triangles ~  A "Stitch & Flip" technique without marking.

Align a piece of painter's tape centered with the needle, and stitch from point to point.  Just keep your eye on the bottom point as it follows the tape line.  Here's a quick demo:

Trim seam allowance and press to the outside.  Bonus Blocks:  Make another line of stitches 1/2 inch from the first line, and cut in between to give you some extra little half square triangle units for your next project!

3)  Chain Piece ~  Whenever possible, slide the next unit under the presser foot and continue sewing.  Clip threads between units as you take them to press.  Saves time and thread!  

For the quilting, I took a clue from the fabric itself and quilted the background with butterflies and swirls, then outlined the tulips and added some detail in the petals and leaves.

And to finish it up, machine binding in Happy Dots.  Sweet!


I've been wanting to make a tulip quilt ever since walking through Amsterdam's flower market last summer.  Too late in the season to see the tulip fields, we brought home bulbs and hoped for the best. Aaaand, then I forgot to actually plant them!

So, I've just been enjoying other people's tulips.  Around these parts, Spring and Winter duke it out on a daily basis.  

But finally, Spring has been victorious!  And for some reason, the flowers seem exceptionally beautiful and vibrant this year.

And now, I can enjoy my tulips all year long.!  Happy Day, Happy Tulips, Happy Spring!  
Tune in each week for the next month or so for some fun project ideas with this happy fabric!
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  1. Beautiful Tulips. I had just a few of mine sucummb to the Winter's cold this year. I planted Purple ones along my front walkway. The Quilted ones don't get your hands dirty! Thanks for sharing your Quilt & the cute new Lori W fabrics!

  2. The flowers are as beautiful on the quilt as they are in real life.

  3. what a lovely wall hanging. Love the 8 method for HSTs I use it a lot if I need 6 I even use it and add the other 2 to my stash!. Glorious photos of tulips mine are in flower at the moment too

  4. Very nice job tytyty for sharing your idea and love the fabric... happyness04431@yahoo.com

  5. what a great match of design with fabric. Both so Happy.

  6. Very very pretty...can't wait to give this a try....love tulips. . happyness04431@yahoo.com


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