Monday, April 8, 2019

RBD "Horse Power" Panel Quilt Tutorial

It's my pleasure to showcase these beautiful, digitally-printed "Back in the Saddle Again" panels from Penny Rose Studio/Riley Blake Designs.  

"Horse Power" Lap Quilt, 68'' x 74'' 

This quick quilt is a cinch to make.  It's a way to get the most quilt from just a few fabrics, and my favorite quick-finish quilt!  I've made 17 of these panel-type quilts for my cute Aunt Marjory to give to her kids/grandkids.  Around here, we even call it the "Aunt Margie" quilt!  I love the rich, vibrant colors and couldn't wait to put this one together.  Here's how to make it in ten easy steps.

One large Horse Power panel
Trim to measure 36" x 42".

One Back in the Saddle pillow panel (4 panes)
Cut out and trim each panel to a 16-1/2" square
Note: the pillow panel showcases each of the four designs available in the full-size panels.

(5) half-yard cuts in assorted coordinating blenders like these Shades.
(Alpine, Dream, Chestnut, Apple, Mountain Green)
Cut each coordinating print as follows, in varying widths:
         Print 1:  (4) 4" x width of fabric (wof) strips
      Print 2:  (4) 3-1/2" x wof
      Print 3:  (4) 3-3/4" x wof
      Print 4:  (4) 3-1/2" x wof
Print 5:  (4) 4" x wof

Binding:  5/8 yard; Cut (8) 2-1/4" x wof strips
Backing:  4 yards


1)  LAY OUT one each of the five coordinating strips in the order you like.

2)  STITCH the strips into vertical rows, using 1/4" seam allowance.  PRESS seams to one side.  REPEAT to make a total of 4 identical sets.  The sets should measure approximately 16-1/2" wide.  Trim if necessary.

3)  Removing selvages, TRIM two of the strip sets equal to the length of the large panel: 42" x 16-1/2". TRIM the remaining two strip sets equal to the width of the large panel:  36" x 16-1/2".

4)  LAY OUT the quilt with the strip sets along the sides of the main panel.  Keep in mind the color order, then position each strip set with the same color adjacent to the panel.

5)  STITCH the side strip sets to each side of the main panel.  PRESS seams toward the panel.

6)  Next, LAY OUT the top and bottom strip sets and arrange the four pillow panel squares in the corners.  STITCH the panel squares to each side of the top and bottom strip sets, and PRESS seams toward the panels.

7)  STITCH top and bottom borders to the quilt, alternating seam allowances to nestle at intersections.  PRESS toward the borders.

8)  CUT backing piece into (2) two-yard sections, and stitch to join the sections with a 1" seam along the selvage edges.  TRIM seam to 1/4" and press open. 

9)  LAYER quilt top, batting and backing and QUILT as desired.  I used an overall pattern called Damask 2 by Nancy Haacke/Wasatch Quilting.  It reminds me of clouds, kicking up dust, wind on your face and splashing through the water all at the same time.

10)  BIND the quilt.  For a machine-binding, I usually apply the binding to the front of the quilt, then fold it around to the back and hold it in place while I stitch-in-the-ditch on the front with matching thread.  I used my edge-joining foot to guide my needle in the "ditch".

Now, ENJOY your new quilt!

It's like wrapping up in a little piece of art.

Find these "Back in the Saddle Again" panels at your local quilt shop or order online.   For more samples of what to make with these gorgeous panels, see Julia's "Snowy River" quilt HERE, and Carol's "Free to be Wild" quilt HERE.  Just beautiful!

This is a great lap quilt to wrap up in and watch old westerns, which I love to do!  Meanwhile, for your listening pleasure, here's a clip of Gene Autry's original 1939 hit song, "Back in the Saddle, Again".  Whoop-tee-tie-yi-yay!

Yee Haw!

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