Friday, May 3, 2019

UQSM Design Challenge 2019 "Flying Forward"

This quilt could be yours! 
UPDATE:  This quilt is now part of the Handi-Quilter UQSM 2019 Design Challenge Collection!!
See the full collection HERE<<

Fabric Challenge, 2019.  Kits were issued, quilts designed and made with selections from the Moda fabric line, "Looking Forward" by Jen Kingwell, an Australian designer, and featured teacher for the 2019 Utah Quilting & Sewing Marketplace Show (UQSM), happening right now in Salt Lake City!

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This one was made by my friend, Debbie, based on an antique quilt made by her great-grand aunt called a Handkerchief quilt.  This one is a prize-winner, placing 2nd in the competition!  Congrats, Debbie!

I love to participate in these design challenges!  I am inspired by the fabrics, the colors and the designs within the fabrics.  Sometimes, fabrics speak to me.  This one was definitely a challenge!
I had something in mind to make, and had my kit all cut out, ready to lay out and stitch together, then the kit disappeared!  I searched high, low and in between, but it did not come home with me from one of the recent retreats I attended.  Luckily, Debbie had some scraps from her kit so I could still produce a quilt for the competition.  An added challenge within the challenge, to use what was leftover from her lovely quilt; a few squares and a few strips.

Sometimes life gives you challenges!  And sometimes those challenges take a turn and produce something truly beautiful.  The quilting was fun on it too.

Here are a few "Celebrity" quilts from this challenge including makers such as Jenny Doan and Natalia Bonner.
Made by Jenny Doan
Made by Kaitlin Pallas
Made by Melissa Corry
Made by Natalia Bonner
A total of 28 quilts were made, and will be sold at a live auction Saturday, May 4th beginning at
11:00 am.  If you are in the area and want to come to the show, here's the address:
Mountain America Exposition Center
9575 State St, Sandy, UT 84070

All proceeds will go to the show's charity, Sew Much Hope; "sowing threads of hope across borders and between hearts."  This non-profit organization provides sewing machines to refugees in the US and others in need abroad to foster self-reliance and help end generational poverty.  They retro-fit old sewing machines with hand-cranks for countries without a reliable power source.
UPDATE:  I am thrilled that the sale of my little quilt contributed to the nearly $12,000 raised at UQSM for this worthy cause! 


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