Monday, August 19, 2019

Baby's Blessing Dress

A special little dress for a precious little girl; my granddaughter!

First attempt at Shadow Work embroidery. 
My friend Gail, who has made several of these heirloom dresses, taught me how. 
Here's the back side, in progress:

For the design, my daughter @thimblechaser sketched the coral, and I added Plumeria,
which is not only symbolic of birth and new life, but also grows outside their front door.

Here's the finished front panel:
Inset lace (sewn by Gail), with the finished shadow work.


Tatted Lace, handmade by my daughter!

Cleaned and blocked.


Sweet moments.

Oh, sweet, precious thing!


Next up: a blessing outfit for my brand new grandson, born two weeks ago!   Sweet little darling boy. This Grandma's heart is full to bursting!


  1. Simply gorgeous dress, with so much love put into creating it!! Congratulations on the new grand babies!! I got two new grands this year as well...a little girl in May and a little boy in July. What a blessing grandchildren are!!

  2. Just darling! And the dress is cute too! You are a lucky woman!

  3. That dress is such a treasure and so gorgeous! Congratulations on your new grandson...he's so beautiful!

  4. Definitely a keepsake! This is going to be a treasure forever!

  5. beautiful dress, beautiful embroidery, and the tatting!! I tried it and just couldn't get that one!!!


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