Wednesday, March 18, 2020

100,000 Welcomes

My Aunt Marjory has been dreaming about what to do with some old linen napkins of her grandmother's!  

Aunt M loves this Gaelic saying, and the color green, and wanted to make a banner of it to hang on her door.  She is very social and loves visitors, and is so good to remember people's names!  This is such a sweet sentiment and reflects her cheery personality.   And, even though her Senior Living center is basically on lockdown, she seems as positive and cheerful as always. 

The embroidery was done by Tracy Larson.  The Celtic-style clover knot in the center is made with 1/4" bias strips, and I used the same fabric for the borders in Aunt Margie's favorite shade of green.

I quilted it using Soft & Stable foam batting so it would hold up well, and freemotion quilting designs that followed the embossed design in the linen.  Then I slipped a couple of triangles in the upper corners on the back to fit a wooden dowel, and tied a ribbon to hang it on her door.

She loves it!

Now to get to work on those other eight linen napkins.  Looks like I'll have some extra time on my hands...


  1. Beautiful work!
    Kathleen - kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  2. This is gorgeous!!! How is linen to quilt on? I have some as well!!

    1. The linen napkins are a bit swimmy, so it really helped to stitch borders on to stabilize the edges.

  3. That is a beautiful banner and sentiment.


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