Monday, March 16, 2020

Aunt M Quilt Chronicles V: Yes, "Owl Always Love You"

First quilt, Owl Always Love You for Olyvia
My sweet Aunt Marjory, now 87 years old, began a quest a few years ago to make quilts for each of her nine granddaughters.  She and Uncle Jack began to make regular treks to my house to work together.  She'd never made a quilt before.  In fact, she began a career in Family and Consumer Sciences, but detested sewing and cooking, so she quit and taught English instead.  But she was determined, and the process was so enjoyable, it must have sparked a fire!  

She made friends at a local quilt shop, and the ladies set her up with quilt kits for her four sons.  And of course, she couldn't forget her three daughters, so a couple of stacks of fat quarters magically lept into her arms too.  Then she had Uncle Jack cut up his old Levis for a quilt of his own.  I think she was hooked!

A broken hip threw a wrench into her plans, along with the passing of dear Uncle Jack, and she moved to a Senior Living community.  

When she needed more quilts made, we shopped together for all the fabrics, which brought her great joy!  It was color therapy.  Then it fell to me to make the quilts, and get them quilted so they could be distributed at family reunions, a few each year.  

Owl Always Love You < Digital Pattern
Owl Always Love You < Paper Pattern
This last quilt was similar to the first one, with background scenery similar to the actual view of that particular daughter who lives within sight of the Teton mountains.

In all, 27 quilts were made and given to all Aunt Marjory's children and grandchildren:  3 Owl quilts, 3 Bear quilts, 2 Elephant quilts, 8 Bear panels, 1 Wolf panel, 4 Horse panels, 1 Deer panel, 2 Elk panels, 1 Denim quilt and 2 Turning 20 scrappy quilts.  She kept one of those for herself.  It has been a delightful process for me.  As a bonus, I have loved getting to know my Aunt and Uncle better, and hearing stories of my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents as we worked.

You can see some of  the quilts in these previous Aunt M Quilt Chronicles:

 I:  Owl Always Love You

Next project?  A little quilted banner she can hang on her door, Céad Mile Fáilte, which means "A Hundred Thousand Welcomes" in Gaelic.  I quilted it using a beautifully embossed linen napkin that belonged to great-grandma Liljenquist.  In fact, Aunt Marjory has nine of those napkins...

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