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New Pattern Release: CAT NAP!

Introducing my new pattern, "Cat Nap"!  

I had a tough time deciding what to call it: Caterwaully, Cattywampus, Catnip, Cattellation, Cataclysm, Catastrophic, Catatonic, and so on.  Then I came across the word, ConCATenation!  Definition: "a series of events, ideas or things that are connected; String Theory".  That was a fun word - Concatenation!  Just rolls off the tongue, and this quilt is a series of cats strung together, right?

In a recent poll, I asked folks what they thought of the name "Concatenation" for a quilt...and just had to laugh!  Blank stares, crickets (chirp, chirp....) lol!  OK, how about "Cat Nap"?  YES!

Call it what you wish, I think these scrappy calico kitties are cute!

Earlier this year, I made a mini kitty quilt for my little granddaughter using Mod Meow 5" charm squares.  She loved it!  Click HERE for the full story.

Cat Nap Mini Quilt, 15" x 18"

This pattern is a play on a "houndstooth" design, sometimes called "dogstooth".  Or in this case, "catstooth", lol! 

2300+ YEARS OLD!
Apparently, it's a design that has been around for a while!  Here's what Wikipedia had to say about it:
The oldest known occurrence of houndstooth is the Gerum Cloak, a garment uncovered in a Swedish peat bog, dated between 360 and 100 BC.  Contemporary houndstooth checks may have originated as a pattern in woven tweed cloth from the Scottish Lowlands.

The Perfect Picnic Quilt

I've made a couple of houndstooth-style quilts that mimic the houndstooth weave and I really like the design.  Can you see the cats?  They look like sideways, upside-down flying kitties.  Or bats.

Kitties with stripes??  Haha.

Live, Laugh, Love 

Anyhoo...  I thought it was a fun way to use up scraps.  I didn't want to think too hard, so used the same background print for each one.  You'd have to do some serious pre-planning to put prints next to each other, trust me.  And I didn't want to work that hard.

I love how a little ghost cat appears when I put the blocks together!  It's a secondary pattern in the background.  I've been rifling through my stash to make these, but I think it's the perfect design for
10-inch precut squares, like this stacker of Shades of Summer << by Heather Peterson of Anka's Treasures.  Purrrrrr-fect!

All of the prints I used for this quilt were Riley Blake Designs prints from various fabric lines plus many RBD basics I already had in my stash.  I love "shopping" from ,my stash, don't you?

Are cats not your thing?  Look!  There is a bonus Poochie block included in the pattern.  Here's "Puppyhood"!  Haven't tried this one yet, but I think it's cute!

But then.... someone asked for Cats AND Dogs, living together! (Ghost Busters reference?) Ha, I think they're hilarious!  Plus, it gave me a chance to play around with my EQ8 software.

I included my Faux-Piped binding instructions in the pattern.  Love it for a quick, fancy finish!

I'll be teaching this pretty kitty class at UQG's QuiltFest coming up this week!!  It's going to be one heck-of-a week!  I'll teach five classes at QuiltFest.... 

...and three classes at Thanksgiving Point's Garden of Quilts event!  

I'll also be taking a class from Heather Bailey and vending prior to Jenny Doan's trunk show, all in the same week, driving between Lehi and Layton, Utah a few times. Should be fun!  I'll let you know if I survived at the end of the week!  :)

The Cat Nap! pattern is now available at Quiltscapes' Etsy Shop, both in digital and printed format.  


Happy Sewing,

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  1. Those are so cute! I love the angled houndstooth design too.


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