Friday, March 19, 2021

Liberty of London: Deco Dance Project Tour

Cross-Body Bag, Hipster Bag and Cardholder
featuring Liberty of London "Deco Dance" fabric

Riley Blake Designs is the official distributor of Liberty Cotton fabrics here in the U.S., and I was lucky enough to get to make a couple of things from their Deco Dance line!

These are luscious fabrics, so pretty!  And I needed a new "possibilities" bag.  It's possible I'll get to go back to sing with my Choir before my voice gets too rusty, and I'll need something to fit my music folder.  It's possible I'll need a bag like this to travel with soon.  I can only hope! 

I combined a bunch of different features from several of my favorite bags.  I used Silver Bells-B and Sprig-B for this one, plus a little RBD Twilight Shades and RBD Denim Confetti Cotton

Besides the gorgeous fabric itself, a few little details really dressed it up!

   1)  Quilted the fabric directly to Soft & Stable  foam stabilizer to provide structure (super easy to work with, too).

   2)  Faux-piping and binding accents.

   3)  Colorful coordinating zippers and pulls.

   4)  Pockets galore!

There were enough scraps for me to make a second project: a Hipster bag!  This one features Deco Rose-A and Sprig-A.

This cute bag pattern was originally a free pattern by Sharon Kendall for RBD, but it was lost after a few web host changes.  I found it again HERE!  My girls and I love making these, and it's a fun way to practice zipper installation. See samples here, here, and here.  

Then, from just a few leftover snippets, I made a matching cardholder/wallet. (<< tutorial)  I think I'm all set! ♥♥

Deco Dance is making its way to your favorite local and online quilt shops.

Get more inspiration for Liberty Deco Dance from these amazing makers:
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Happy Sewing!


  1. Love your hipster bag! Unfortunately I can’t get the pattern link to work. :(

    1. Thanks, Julie! Sorry the link is giving you trouble. It does take some time to load.
      Email a request to and I'll hook you up.

    2. Will do. Thanks. My granddaughter would love her own bag with zippers!

  2. It's an absolutely gorgeous bag. I do love the teeny florals of Liberty fabrics.


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