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Colorful Friends! - RBD Project Tour

  Colorful Friends Kids' Panel Quilt

Riley Blake Designs has teamed up with Crayola® once again to offer a new licensed line of fabric!  Colorful Friends has the sweetest lineup of little zoo animals in these prints, complete with fresh-colored stripes.  

photo by Julia @ Riley Blake Designs

For the quickest quilt in the west, all the hard work has been done for you - printed on a panel, complete with assorted zoo animal blocks, alternate blocks, sashing, and an inner border.  I just added a cute print for the outer border to finish the quilt top.  

SUPPLIES for a Kids' Quilt, 47" x 54":

   Center:  1 Colorful Friends Panel
   Border:  1 yard
   Binding:  1/2 yard (6" strips)
   Backing:  1-3/4 yards Dreamy Minky

I don't know if you can tell, but I love making things for grandkids!  This quilt has already been initiated!  A little snuggle and a little milk spilled on it.  Some people call this a "dragon" quilt - cause kids drag 'em all over the place.  I hope so.  It will be a fun quilt to play "I Spy" with the grandkids, too.

I also had it in my mind to make a little coloring book bag, similar to this one, with a cute little hippo.  I used the purple fabric in this line, paired with a few solids.  

I've been holding on to my cute box of Crayola crayon-colored Confetti Cotton solid fat quarters for a few years, but I still couldn't bear to cut them apart!  Luckily, I have a pretty good stash to draw from.

"Open wide!"

Haha, those markers are supposed to look like teeth!  His little body is a big pocket for crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc.  And the coloring book will go inside the bag.  I'll admit this project was not very quick!  I think I spent way more hours trying to figure out just how to create a pocket and a flap than actually sewing, but it eventually came together!  

SUPPLIES for a Coloring Book Bag, 9-1/2" x 12"
   Bag:  1 fat quarter - see the bag TUTORIAL.
   Hippo:  1 fat quarter Wisteria Colorful Friends Words print for his body, 
                1 fat quarter Eggplant Confetti Cotton for the lining,
                Scraps for his eyes, nostrils, cheeks, and teeth. 
                10-inch squares (Frosting and Raspberry) Confetti Cotton. 
                Hippo applique' pattern templates HERE.

   1) Applique' facial elements to the head.  I used a little spray adhesive and blanket-stitched everything, using this easy applique' TUTORIAL.

   2)  For the teeth, layer two 2-inch squares together and sew three sides.  Repeat for a second tooth. Turn them inside out and press.  Position the teeth at the bottom of his face, raw edges hanging over.  Glue-baste in position. 

   3) Applique' the elements for the open mouth.

   4) With head and lining layered with right sides together, Stitch from ear to ear, beginning and ending at the outer edges of the ear.  Clip to the stitches.  

   5) Open the head piece and fold a line from ear to ear.  Next, layer the mouth with right sides together over the open head/lining unit.  The edges should match, kind of like a figure 8.  Pin, then stitch together, one side at a time, stopping at the clip.  Be careful not to sew the ears into the seam.  Leave an opening at the bottom for turning.

   6) Clip curves or trim all the curved edges with pinking shears.  Turn right side out through the opening.  Use a chop-stick if necessary to get the ears turned out.  
   7)  Edge-stitch the ears, then edge-stitch the face side of the head/mouth unit from ear to ear. Press well.

   8)  Cut a 13" x 20" rectangle for the bag.  Working on one half of the bag piece, position the head about 2 inches from the top edge.  Edge-stitch the top of the head and the back side of the mouth unit to the background, closing the opening.  Leave the face section loose.  The ears may overlap the top edge of the bag.

   9)  Next, stitch the hippo body to the lining with right sides together, leaving an opening for turning.  Turn right side out, press, then edge-stitch the long curved edge (pocket top). 

   10)  Position the body so it overlaps the open mouth about 1/2 inch.  Edge-stitch in place, closing the opening and forming a pocket on the lower half of the bag.

   11)  Sew the bag together.  Here's another link to the TUTORIAL.

Colorful Friends by Crayola® is available now at your favorite local and online quilt shops!
Happy Quilting! (and Coloring!)
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  1. That hippo bag is killer! I absolutely love it! Great quilt too.

  2. Oh soooo cute! I LOVE the hippo bag. That is such a great idea. The fabrics are all adorable.

  3. They are just adorable. I'm going to get the quilt supplies for a new baby quilt I know I'll be needing soon.


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