Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to "Grow" a Quilt

For some reason, when I get to hang out with Cindy in her studio at Riley Blake Designs, I always feel like a kid in a candy shop.
What IS it about being around new fabrics and ribbons and buttons that make me feel giddy??  Or maybe it's just stage fright...
Anyway, our latest video explores several ways to lay out quilt blocks and grow a quilt to the size you'd like.  (Here's a link for the TUTORIAL that also gives a ton of layout options for these blocks, from table topper to twin size quilt.)
I'm curious to know:  What size quilts are you making?


  1. I prefer making quilts to fit our bed, 100 inches square. I make my QOV quilt to be almost twin size, as all the guys in my family are over 6 foot and I think there are Heros out there the same height. Other donation quilts are smaller.

  2. you are a kid, silly. keep smiling sweety.....
    I make a lot of QOV and its usually about a 60 by 72. some time a 72 by 84.

  3. What great ways to grow quilts. I loved the video and thank you for the link. Take care,

  4. Mostly large twins or smallish queens. I have a king planned but no where near started


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