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RBD Project Tour: Camp Woodland ~ An Interactive Quilt!

Oh, cute!

I've been wanting to create a couple of small interactive "fidget" quilts - something to keep little hands busy.   This sweet "Camp Woodland" panel provided the perfect solution!  

Camp Woodland by Natalia Abello for Riley Blake Designs

Love these yummy color combos!

First, I gathered a basket full of odd-and-end notions:  ribbon, zippers, snaps, pompoms, textured fabrics, finger puppet, shoelaces, marbles, washers, magnets, paper clips, chop sticks.... and an outline for a marble maze.  I figured that I could use a couple of these ideas for each panel.

Little foxy got the marble maze, magnetized stars, and a fuzzy tail.  

For the tail, I applied some fusible web to some minky scraps, then ironed them in place and blanket-stitched around the edges.  Little hands can pet the fox's tail.

Next, I drew out a maze with some chalk and a Frixion iron-off pen.

For the stars, I layered the panel over the batting and stuck a pin through several of the larger stars.  Then I turned it over - pins were sticking up where I needed to position some 1/2-inch washers.  Then I removed the pins and used a little spray adhesive to keep them in place.  

And just to be sure they were secure, I also ironed a super-lightweight fusible interfacing over them too.  See example HERE.  Then it was ready to quilt! 

Before taking the quilt off the frame, I inserted a marble between the panel and the batting and basted the opening closed.

I added a few notions and ribbons around the edges for more tactile interest, plus little prairie points at each end of the maze, then applied a machine binding (RBD Basic Shades -Blue Spruce) to the front of the quilt and stitched in the ditch to machine-finish.  

I traced and cut out half a dozen of the larger stars from 3 layers: front and back fabrics prepared with fusible web plus a layer of batting in between.  Then I centered a small magnet between the layers, and ironed the pieces together.  I also stitched a narrow zig-zag around the edges of each star to prevent the magnets from slipping out.  It was a little tricky as the magnets kept sticking to the metal footplate, but it seems to have worked!  Gotta be careful with magnets!

My husband tested it out and liked all the activities, but especially the marble maze.  

When the marble slides between the star and the washer, it disrupts the magnet, which I thought was ok, 'cause the star can go back on after the marble passes by.  He told me I needed a solution so the stars would not get lost.  So... I made a pocket flap.  Here's how.  Sorry, I was so intent on making it, I forgot to snap pictures of the process.

1. Cut a 6" x 18" strip.
2. Fold in half with right sides together, then sew the side seams at 1/4".
3. Turn right side out through the opening; press.
4. Edge-stitch the folded edge.
5. Fold up the top-stitched edge, about 3-3/4"; line up the sides and pin in place.
6. Edge-stitch through all layers of each side.  

7. Stitch a row of hook and loop tape (Velcro) across the bottom of the pocket.  Use the scratchy section.
8. On the back side of the quilt, position the pocket flap so it's centered along one side of the quilt, raw edges together.  The pocket should be right side up.  Baste or glue-baste in place.

9. Prepare the binding and apply to the quilt (, covering the raw edges of the pocket flap and other notions.  If the binding is already on, remove stitches where you need it to go and glue-baste in place, then re-stitch the binding through all layers to finish.

I also attached a handle.
1. Cut a 3" x 8" rectangle of fabric and a 3" x 7-1/2" piece of Pellon 808 Decor Bond or other heavyweight interfacing.
2. Adhere the interfacing to the rectangle and fold the fabric over the ends.  
3. Press strip lengthwise in half, then press the outer edges to the center. 
4. Fold in half again and edge-stitch around all four edges.  
5. Stitch handle to the top of the flap.

Next, position the other part of the hook and loop tape (loop side) to the back of the quilt.  
First, fold the quilt into thirds, centering the pocket flap.  

Next, rotate the quilt and fold it in half.  Mark where you will need to stitch the corresponding hook and loop tape (soft part) in position on the back of the quilt, then unfold the quilt and take it back to the machine to stitch it on.  Stitch through all the layers.  

Place the star magnets into the pocket.  Refold the quilt as above, pressing the Velcro strips together to close.


Your pack-n-play interactive quilt is ready to stow and go!  

As for the remaining pillow panels, here are some ideas:
→   Install a zipper and make a pocket behind the tent.  Open the zipper to reveal a pocket full of finger puppets or toys to play with.  Add chenille strips to the trees for a fuzzy texture.  Another marble maze?  Place some crinkly material between layers beneath the campfire?

→   Install a zipper and make a zip-open stream full of felt fish for the bear to collect in a little creel (basket) with a buckle closure.  Insert metal paper clips between fish layers then use a magnet wand purchased from the hardware store as a fishing pole.  Or, skip the felt fish and replace with yummy fish crackers.  Or, both?

→   Use the vine/compass panel as a perfect setting to button or snap on different colored flowers and shapes on the vines.  Maybe a detachable DIY I-Spy game bag?

The possibilities are endless!  Maybe you have more ideas.  I'll update as I get them figured out.

Find Camp Woodland fabrics at your favorite local and online quilt shops!  Edit:  Here are two more of my Fidget/Activity Quilts for your enjoyment!  Camp Woodland.2  Camp Woodland.3

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Happy Sewing!


  1. So cute and clever, I love what you have done with this panel!

  2. That is fantastic. It’s not only cute, but I love the different textures.

  3. This is really, really clever. I know a 2 year old that would probably pull off all the little balls but I bet she would have fun doing so! I am going to try to put different textures in my quilts. Such a good idea.

  4. This is so adorable and a great it!


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