Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Designer Knit Dress

I made myself a new dress!

This beautiful, soft, Jersey Knit was designed by Tammie Green for Riley Blake Designs.  This print is "Hibiscus" in Coastal Blue, and may also be found in Tammie's Water Mark 100% cotton collection.

I have a favorite casual midi dress that I picked up at a swap meet in Hawaii a few years back.  I can throw it on and wear it around the house, or even when I'm going out anywhere.  It's stretchy, comfy and cute!   It fits great and feels good.

Now I'm heading to Hawaii again in a few weeks, and I need another dress, but who knows if I'll be able to find a similar one?  So, I made myself this new dress to take with me.  Love the color!  And the fact that the design is "Hibiscus" - Hawaii's state flower. 🌺🌺

It's a pretty simple shift - a front, a back, a couple of sleeves, no darts or embellishments.  I found a pattern that was similar, and cut it out.  I started sewing it together, tried it on, and it was disappointing!  The fit just wasn't right!  The shoulders drooped, the side seams curved where I have no curves.

Then, using the old dress as a pattern guide, I recut the pieces and started over.  I should have done that in the first place!  I already knew the fit would be good!  

These knits are so easy to sew with!  I used a double-needle to top-stitch the finished edges and give it a more professional look.  Here are my Best Tips for  Sewing with KNITS.

I love my new dress.  Now, I'm all ready to go back to Hawaii in style!  

Pretty soon, this photo will have me in it again!  I'll put on my new dress for the occasion!

Look for this and other Riley Blake Designer Knits on the market, many of which coordinate with regular quilting cottons.  Right now, I'm also playing with more Water Mark fabrics which I'll feature here on the blog in a few weeks.  Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, Aloha!  & Happy Sewing!



  1. Lucky you!! Tell Debbie hello if you go see her. Love the color. Smart to use the dress for the best fit.
    Safe travels!

    1. Thanks, Mary! Yes, I'll tell Debbie Hello for you! I'll be babysitting my granddaughter while my daughter finishes an internship for her Master's in Library Science. It's a great excuse!

  2. super cute!
    Kathleen - kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  3. That will be a fun trip! I love your dress. It looks so comfortable as well as pretty.


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