Monday, October 2, 2023

Missouri Star Quilt Co. Affiliate

I am thrilled to announce that I have accepted an opportunity to participate in Missouri Star Quilt Co.'s Influencer program!  Here's a look at my first box:

1)  MSQC T-shirt:  "Quilters are Piecemakers"

2)  Fabric:  Selections of Quilt Town exclusive souvenir fabrics by MSQC, including a precut packet of 10-inch squares of all the fabrics in the collection, plus a 10-inch pre-cut background packet.

3)  Bladesaver Thread Cutter.  Use old rotary blades and insert in this cute tool to use for cutting threads!  Perfect for chain-piecing.

4)  Thank you note & Flat "Chuck the Duck" - this one has a birthday hat!

It was party time at Missouri Star this month - their 15th anniversary Birthday Bash!  And just in case you didn't go to celebrate with them this year, click the button below to shop at the MSQC website using my link for a one-time 15% off your entire purchase!  ↓↓

I could not make it to Hamilton, MO for their Birthday Bash, but someday I will.  Instead, I celebrated with them by making a quilt with their Quilt Town fabric.

Planning out my quilt was a breeze with EQ8 software, which allowed me to upload the actual prints and get a pretty accurate preview of the project.

Zircon Crystals quilt pattern by Deonn Stott
featuring Quilt Town exclusive souvenir fabric by Missouri Star Quilt Company.

I have been wanting to revisit my Zircon Crystals pattern, utilizing 10-inch precut squares.  This design is a way to showcase nearly every print in the line - just takes a little planning.  The orange print was not included in the 10-inch packet, so I purchased a bit of yardage to complete the design and to use for my pieced binding.

The pattern includes both foundation paper-piecing patterns and templates.  Years ago, I had a custom AccuQuilt die made by Custom Shape Pros.  It was perfect for these 10-inch squares. I've now released the design for anyone to be able to purchase.

Zircon Crystals custom die.

I got started with the blocks and finished them at Open Sewing nights during the recent Garden of Quilts event at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah.  Here are some progress shots:

Watch a fun video using the Bladesaver HERE.
Layout progression:

Quilt Top Done!

I finished the quilt top just in time to meet up with Jenny Doan after Garden of Quilts.  We had both been teaching all day, and got together after dinner.  Jenny is the face of Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I first met Jenny several years ago when we were both teaching classes at a Riley Blake Designs' retreat in Las Vegas.  One evening, Jenny and her daughters, Sarah, Natalie, and I sat together to watch the  Donny & Marie Show.  We loved it!

She told me she was tickled to see her first "Influencer" quilt project in person.  We laughed at some of the fun sayings in the fabric:  "Stitching has its ups and downs" is one of her favorites!

Warm, vivacious, sweet, down-to-earth, humble, compassionate, full of joy.  Those are some of the attributes of this lovely woman who has made such a difference in the quilting world, and she makes everyone feel like you are best friends.

Tune in next time for a fun finish!

Happy Quilting!

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